Why is it that the center for other world religions has basically stayed the same–Islam which started in Arabia is still centered in the Middle East, Buddhism started in the Far East and is still there today, and India, where Hinduism began, is still believed to be its center today–while the center of Christianity has migrated from the Mediterranean countries to Europe and then to the United States and now seems to be migrating away from the U.S.? In his book, “King’s Cross”, Timothy Keller writes that “when Christianity is in a place of power and wealth for a long period, the radical message of sin and grace and the cross can become muted or even lost. Then Christianity starts to transmute into a nice, safe religion, one that’s for respectable people who try to be good. And eventually it becomes virtually dormant in those places and the center moves somewhere else.” (p. 124)

This struck a chord with me because it is what I see happening in America today. The challenge we Christians face is how do we keep Christianity in our country from becoming just a nice, safe, religion? How do we keep it from going dormant?

When Kendra and I wrote our book, “Common Sense and an Uncommon God”, this was one of the driving forces behind it. With God’s blessing on our country, all Americans will benefit–no matter what their belief system because we will remain a country based on the God-given rights of freedom, liberty, and justice.

Deborah Sprinkle