I had the pleasure of meeting Miriam Jones Bradley this year at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference in North Carolina, and she is a treasure!

Miriam is a fabulous storyteller. When I picked up her newest book All I Have Needed—A Legacy For Life, I found myself transported back to my childhood and sitting at her Grandmother’s kitchen table. I felt like Miriam and I had been friends for years!

Preserving and promoting the principles that make America a beacon of light—liberty, equality and respect for the individual—starts at home, with our family and friends. In All I Have Needed—A Legacy For Life, Miriam Jones Bradley shares how her parents, grandparents, and the other key adults in her life left a lasting impact on her that has shaped her life, and she will inspire you to leave a legacy for others.

So, without any further adieu…here’s Miriam!

Q: Where did you get the idea for your book, All I Have Needed—A Legacy For Life?

A: When three of my grandparents died within 6 weeks of each other I started thinking about my legacy. One night I couldn’t sleep because I was coughing my head off with bronchitis, so I sat up and listed the different legacies I’d received. A legacy of love, a legacy of hard work, a legacy of faith, kind words, and humor. The list went on and on. But, I didn’t know where to start. Then God gave me the idea for the first mystery in the Double Cousins Series. From that came a newspaper column and a blog which is where many of the pieces you see in this book first appeared!


Q: This book is all about Legacy. What is a legacy and why do you find that so important?

A: Everyone receives a legacy. A legacy can be money, but in my case it was something better, common sense wisdom and godly lives. The legacy you receive can be a gift or something to overcome. Mine was definitely a gift! My grandparents all spoke in word pictures. For a kid whose learning style was auditory and visual this was the perfect storm.

Q: We’re in the middle of summer right now. What are some your favorite summer memories?

A: The weeks we spent on my grandparents’ ranch are at the top of the list. That’s one reason I wrote my first book. Besides that, church camp would rank right up there. Playing outside until dark, sitting in front of a box fan to cool off after the Nebraskaland Days parade, and eating watermelon are some more. When we visited Grandma and Grandpa McKnight, she planned craft projects with natural things like rocks, dry beans, and lichen. She also made us learn verses. I loved VBS. Anything social, I was there! Still am.

Q: Your husband is a big part of your writing career, isn’t he?

A: My husband is my secret weapon. He encouraged me to go forward with my first book and every time my energy or motivation flags, he is there to push me ahead. He created my website and actually edits much of what I write. He is detail oriented and I’m not. He cares where the commas go – I don’t.

Bruce wrote two pieces for this book. One is a piece about those who influenced him. Then, he wrote a technical section for those who want details about how they can record and preserve their own legacy. I am delighted that he was willing to do this because it adds depth to the book!

Q: What are your hopes for this book?

A: My hope is that this book will encourage people to think about their own legacy. Can they identify people and events in their lives that helped them become who God wanted them to be? Are they leaving a good legacy for those coming behind? How can they start to record their legacy? Beyond that, I hope they enjoy reading it on the beach, in their favorite chair, in bed at night, or on the porch swing. Perhaps it will stir memories and initiate conversations among generations.

Miriam Jones Bradley is not only a dedicated and skilled registered nurse, she is also the amazing author of the heartwarming All That I Have Needed—A Legacy For Lifeas well as the Double Cousins Mystery Series for children: Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Torn Mapand her newly released Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Missing WatchThe third book in the series is coming soon—be sure to stay tuned for the release date!

Check out All That I Have Needed—A Legacy for Life, as well as Miriam’s other books on Amazon, it’s a great way to spend a relaxing summer day!




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