My Recommended Weekend Getaway—a Great Escape

 Travel to the Land of My Dreams.

Land of My DreamsHere’s a book that’s got it all—love, loss, romance, rivalry, hope, betrayal, faith, uncertainty, the list goes on an on. In her debut novel, Land of My Dreams, Norma Gail superbly delivers a passionate, intriguing romance in magnificiently beautiful settings.

Be prepared to be transported from the amazing high desert mountains of New Mexico to the breathtaking misty Scottish Highlands. I fell in love with this book before I even started reading it! read more…

When Two Worlds Collide

Crossing Into the Mystic

Crossing Into the Mystic

Today’s culture is obsessed with the paranormal. The truth is, it’s not just “today’s culture” that’s fascinated with the supernatural. All cultures throughout time have been drawn to the unseen world. It’s all around us. I’m particularly intrigued with the Civil War era, and I have been for as long as I can remember. I’ve grown up in the South and can’t stay away from the old cotton plantations and antebellum mansions. read more…

Award-Winning Author, Eddie Jones, Shares His Advice on How to Keep BOOKS In Our Children’s “Social Networks”

The super-talented, award-winning author, Eddie Jones, a man who wears many hats, has a heart for encouraging our youth to discover and enjoy good, old-fashioned reading. Let’s face it, books have a hard time getting our kids’ attention in today’s cyber-age.

There are many ways we, as parents, can get our children plugged into good books and excited about reading. Eddie Jones, author of the Caden Chronicles Series, a mystery series written for middle-schoolers (primarily boys), shares some great tips:

7 Ways to Get your Boy to Read Books

The Internet, smart phones, online gaming and videos have changed the reading habits of young males. Can we keep books in “their” social network? Yes, says Eddie Jones, award-winning author of Caden Chronicles. Here are seven ways you can turn a reluctant reader into a bookworm.

read more…

The Nurse Next Door: Meet Miriam Jones Bradley and Discover Your Legacy

I had the pleasure of meeting Miriam Jones Bradley this year at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference in North Carolina, and she is a treasure!

Miriam is a fabulous storyteller. When I picked up her newest book All I Have Needed—A Legacy For Life, I found myself transported back to my childhood and sitting at her Grandmother’s kitchen table. I felt like Miriam and I had been friends for years!

Preserving and promoting the principles that make America a beacon of light—liberty, equality and respect for the individual—starts at home, with our family and friends. In All I Have Needed—A Legacy For Life, Miriam Jones Bradley shares how her parents, grandparents, and the other key adults in her life left a lasting impact on her that has shaped her life, and she will inspire you to leave a legacy for others.

So, without any further adieu…here’s Miriam! read more…