Old GloryI heard someone say that on the radio one day. His argument was that the Bible is outdated, as is the U.S. Constitution.

The radio host artfully asked the caller,”Do you believe in morals? Do you believe in justice?” The caller immediately said, “Of course I do!”

Whether or not one “believes” in the Bible (which I do), the Bible contains eternal rock-solid truth, which is relevant today. People’s hearts are no different today than when Eve took that first bite of the forbidden fruit. Our technology has changed, but our desires are the same.

Despite our political, religious, and philosophical differences, we all have the same basic human needs and desires. The need to be loved, respected, understood, and valued as individuals. The desire to make our own choices and our own decisions. And God lets us do just that.

America was founded on the biblical principles of freedom, justice and equality. These principles are never outdated. Each one of us has an innate desire for freedom, justice and equality for ourselves and for our families.

The Declaration of Independence acknowledges that God is our Creator and the Grantor of our rights. It specifically states that the role of government is to secure our God-given rights.

Let me emphasize that our rights come from God, NOT the government.

The government is to protect our rights, not to strip us of our rights for the “greater good.” The truth is that the more the government restricts our freedom to make our own decisions and to live our lives as we see fit, the less productive each individual becomes.

The more we turn to the government for our provisions, instead of to God, the less we have to offer to our fellow citizens.

The more we look to the government for answers to questions that make no sense to us, instead of to God, the more enslaved we become.

No president, no politician, and no court of law can truly fix my personal struggles and problems, but God can. He may not remove any given problem, but He can certainly change my attitude and perspective and show me how to handle my difficulties. I know that even when I don’t see it, God DOES bring good out of every situation. I may not even see the good He brings out of a situation while I’m on this earth, but one day I will.

Therefore, when the world is falling apart around me, I still have hope.

I still have hope when teachers can’t have Bibles on their desks in public schools.

I still have hope when God’s name is banned from graduation speeches.

I still have hope when representatives of the Veterans of Foreign Wars are prohibited from telling grieving family members of fallen soldiers, “God bless you.”

I still have hope when major magazines are publishing articles claiming that the Founding Fathers didn’t know what the world would look like in the twenty-first century, and therefore, the Constitution is irrelevant and should essentially be tossed out the window.

I still have hope when “intellectuals” argue that the Bible is archaic and is inapplicable in today’s global society.

I have hope, because I know the truth. God is in control. His truths never change. He governs in the affairs of men.

Kendra Hazlett Armstrong